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Edrumcation with Playmobeat

The new Playmobeat Education Campaign – our goal: More education for drummers! "Forgive them for they know not what they do!" was yesterday! Today, we try to bring some light into the depth of Playmobeat's weird creation process and results.
So here's some insight into the tricks, rhythms and grooves we use in our videos. Of course we're open to questions and suggestions – if you wish for instructions on a specific song or groove, we'll try to consider that! And to anticipate the first question: No, there's no sheet music to our songs! Everything is in our heads (that's why they are so big). Some of our workshops already have English captions, we're working on having the others translated soon! If anyone feels like supporting us and wants submit a translation, please do so!

August 24, 2013: Stick trick from "Drum it!"

In this workshop, Andi Bühler will show you how to do the stick trick from our video “Drum it!”.

Watch Drum it! here!

February 11, 2013: Different pulse feels from "Press Roll"

Andi Bühler dedicates his workshop to the various pulse feels we use in our song “Press Roll”.

Here you can watch the specific passages of Press Roll that are mentioned in the workshop!

Januar 28, 2013: Backsticking from "Standup Drumedy"

Chris Heiny will take you through the backsticking that we do in our most successful video, the stand drumset song “Standup Drumedy”.

You can watch the original video here!

December 8, 2012: Stick trick from "Standup Drumedy"

In this workshop, David Pätsch explains a stick trick from our most prominent video of all times – “Standup Drumedy” that has been watched more than 500,000 times already.

Watch the original here!

December 4, 2012: Stick trick from "Who let the drums out"

David Pätsch dedicates his workshop to the stick trick in one of our first videos ever, that we recorded on a nice summer day in Treptower Park in Berlin.

Watch the original here!

November 18, 2012: Cross Sticking from "Krupas Gene"

Andi Bühler presents the very first workshop of the new Playmobeat Education Campaign!

The song “Krupas Gene” can be found on our DVD “Transit”, that can be ordered at the artist ahead Online-Shop.

The Playmobeat Edrumcation Initiative

Our live workshop addresses all drummers, percussionsts and ensemble players.
The format is about two hours long and includes a live performance of Playmobeat.

All three of us have been teachers ever since we can remember.
David Pätsch has been giving workshops for years (especially after his book "Rock Drumming" was published). Chris Heiny is teaching rhythm workshops for groups. Andi Bühler is head of the Berlin-based workshop series "Toolbox of a drummer" and teaches a one-week band workshop in Tuscany/Italy twice a year.


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